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"Arts & Action"

Hong Kong’s pop culture boasts generations of talented individuals who had a flair for creative works. Whether it’s in lyrics, novels or comics, there is always something surprising to come. Hong Kong has also produced internationally known martial arts superstars, martial arts athletes shining in the world’s sports arena, and a widely recognised local action film industry.

While kung fu and martial arts films, along with related industries, are an indispensable part of Hong Kong’s pop culture, we also recognise the importance of our legendary writers on the 100th anniversary of Jin Yong’s birth and the 20th anniversary of James Wong’s passing this year. Thus, we have adopted “Arts & Action” as the theme of “Hong Kong Pop Culture Festival 2024” (Festival). The Festival will take us on a journey through time to explore the charm of Hong Kong’s pop culture from new perspectives, and discover the origins and future of culture through inheritance and transformation. It will feature a blend of dynamism and relaxation, Eastern and Western styles, and the old and new, epitomising the diversity characteristic of Hong Kong’s pop culture, which encompasses both “Arts” (creative works) and “Action” (martial arts).

The second edition of the Festival, is scheduled to open in April. This year, we will continue to curate thematic exhibitions, film screenings, stage performances and outreach activities in various formats from diverse perspectives so as to highlight the fusion of “Arts & Action” in Hong Kong’s pop culture with a cross-disciplinary emphasis.

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